March 17, 2018

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Telegram introduces Snapchat-like disappearing media feature in latest update

Telegram introduces Snapchat-like disappearing media feature in latest update

Soon you will no longer be able to tell the difference between the world’s messaging apps. In another attempt at getting ‘inspired’ from a rival platform, Telegram has updated its app with a feature that allows users to share disappearing photos and videos in a private chat. As part of Telegram 4.2, users of the secure messaging app can set a self-destruct timer for photos or videos, a feature popularized by Snapchat.

If you are a Telegram user, you need to first update the app to its latest version. Once you install the update, you can set a time to the photos or videos you share on private chat. The countdown will begin as soon as the recipient opens the photo or video, after which the content will disappear. To assure privacy, the app will also notify the user if the recipient takes a screenshot of the disappearing media.

In addition to disappearing media, the update now allows users to add a bio to their profile. Similar to Twitter and Tinder bios, a user can add a short introduction about themselves for other users to see. In order to add a bio to your profile, head to the settings and add something interesting about yourself.

Telegram 4.2 further makes media download faster in cases where a user is part of massive channels with 100,000 or more members. In such cases, the app will rely on a content distribution network to cache publicly available photos and videos which will in turn allow for higher download speeds. Another additions to the app make it possible to enlarge the scrolling area for sharing Stickers easily, along with a new image editing interface.

Snapchat, the first service to introduce the concept of disappearing photos and videos, is gradually losing its sheen as other makers are copying some of the features to retain users. Facebook, also one of Snapchat’s suitors, recently introduced a range of updates to its Instagram app, removing whatever remaining difference between the two apps, with features including face filters, location tagging, and disappearing media. With the new update, Telegram also appears to be joining the bandwagon to contain users from straying away to alternative messaging apps.


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